Wednesday, January 30, 2008

$15.00 Aprons

Well I have had these two beauties for a while and I need to sell them an make room for new inventory.
They have sold in the past for $25. but I am discounting them to $15.00! Yahoo for you, a huge savings.
Both of these Hostess aprons, have long sashes that double wrap around the waist and tie in the front.
Contact me to purchase either of these darling aprons.


jgallagher said...

I'd love to but the longer one is still available? Let me know I can pay through paypal. Thanks

Raquel said...

Glad to hear you want the Apron, sorry to say I don't have Paypal set up.
2 ways to do this, either call me and I can drop it by, or I can mail it to you if you send a check to me directly.
Let me know.

Thanks Raquel